Head of Alexander the Great, 320 BCE, marble.

Box mirror with the head of Pan, late 4th century BCE, bronze. Hellenistic (Greek).

PETER PAUL RUBENS. Raising of the Cross, 1610.

Statue of an old market woman, 1st century CE, marble. Early Imperial (Julio-Claudian).

THOMAS COLE. Sunset of the Arno, 1837, oil on canvas.

GIOVANNI PAOLO PANINI. View of the Colosseum, 1747, oil on canvas.

THOMAS COLE. Expulsion from the Garden of Eden, 1827, oil on canvas.

THOMAS COLE. Ruined Castle and River, 1832, oil on canvas. Hudson River School.

FREDERIC CHURCH. To the Memory of Cole, 1848.

THOMAS COLE. A View of the Two Lakes and Mountain House, Catskill Mountains, Morning, 1844, oil on canvas.