PETER PAUL RUBENS. Resurrection of Christ (outer panels), 1611, oil on panel.

ANDREA MANTEGNA. The Resurrection.

REMBRANDT. The Resurrection of Christ, 1639, oil. Baroque.

GUSTAVE DORE. The Resurrection.

FRA ANGELICO. Noli Me Tangere, 1440, wall fresco.

CARAVAGGIO. Entombment, 1603, oil on canvas.

ALBRECHT ALTDORFER. Entombment of Christ, 1518, oil on wood.

REMBRANDT. Deposition from the Cross, 1634, oil on panel. Baroque.

FRA ANGELICO. Crucifixion with the Virgin, Sts Cosmas, John the Evangelist and Peter Martyr, 1441, wall fresco.

JACOPO PONTORMO. Deposition from the Cross, 1526, oil on wood.